So, I’ve just returned from 10 days away while in the middle of my 4 phase fat loss protocol… aren’t you just dying to see how I went???

Well I packed up half my kitchen and took it with me, I am not kidding! I packed, measuring cup, teaspoon, knife, chopping board, cloth, tea towel, cleaning concentrate, scales, frying pan, smoothie mug, tea travel mug, water bottle, food thermos, spiralizer, apple cider vinegar, veggie stock concentrate, all my supplements, salt,

even a small blender (which died on the first day)  the only thing that is needed while on the protocol that I didn’t take was my bathroom scales…. eeeeekkkk… these are needed to assess how you are going each day & if something you have eaten doesn’t agree with you. The anticipation was high, when I got home to see if I had continued to loose while travelling… drum roll please…. 1.6kg down! While its not and outstanding amount, I think all things considered it was great. I had very little sleep, I have sore muscles from dancing like a crazy 80’s party animal and fluid build up from the flight. So all things considered its a great result & the difference is noticeable in the mirror, especially on my abdomen. In a way the lack of scales was liberating, as I didn’t have to stress about any minor gains, but my curiosity was high.

Making the decision to start the protocol when I knew I had a big trip right in the middle was a tricky one, but hey, the right time to start anything is NOW, so I wasn’t about to throw away all my hard work up to date. I didn’t want to go through the guilt of breaking protocol and beating myself up about it, so I had some intense internal conversations about it. I worked out that during that week I turned down more than 10 FREE MEALS… yummy ones and at least 3 of them included nice wine!!! I did have a chat with myself and decided that if I could stick to protocol the rest of the time, I would go out for one guilt free healthy meal at one of my favourite restaurants on the gold coast. While I was at peace with my decision, I would have been quite happy to stick to the protocol as it turns out, but I decided to enjoy the good food with friends and not buy into any guilt or shame around it!

So how did I achieve this great feat of discipline for 10 days, lots  of social outings & 3 plane flights!!!? Organisation! I looked ahead to where I would be each day and took meals with me. For example, early morning flight meant taking a smoothie for breakfast and my lunch heated and in my travel thermos. Then when arriving, going straight to the supermarket to buy supplies needed to cook for the week. I also took my travel tea mug on the plane, so I could have herbal tea to ward off any cravings or temptations. That first night when everyone went out for dinner, I stayed in and prepared most of my meals for the week.

Takeaway containers with everything pre-prepared and measured meant that I had something easy to grab, heat & take with me when needed. In the evening when heading out with others, I would quickly eat my evening meal before going then just order soda water while out. I have an amazing bunch of friends & colleges, not one of them chastised me, they were all very supportive of my choices, so I could just enjoy their company & great conversation. Even on the two flights home, I pre-packed my lunch and ate it in the Virgin lounge between flights – I think that would be a first!

So there you go, nothing is impossible, if you have a goal,  you can stick to it, excuses are just that – excuses that you justify in your mind to be the truth…. I only have a few days left so I’m prepared to stick it out, Ive almost reached my first goal of 7kg, just a bit to go…. Saturday I go into Phase 3, which is still limited calories, but no support drops for 3 days to get them out of my system, then onto Phase 4, finding all my safe foods, so cant wait for that & then getting more creative with my food again!

As for my week away, the training that I went to was first class! GoPro had their first ever event in Australia and while I was cautious, it far exceeded my expectations. It’s wonderful to see people coming together to raise the ethics and the stigma around network marketing. This business model frees people from the matrix of the world as we know it, into one of freedom, abundance and service to others around the world. I am proud to say that I feel dōTERRA does this better than any other company out there – and I am yet to meet one that comes close! We then attended the dōTERRA Leadership convention. The speakers were fantastic and I am ready to dig deep to support my team of amazing ladies and gents into achieving their goals and changing thousands of lives around the world. So things are great and the future is exciting!!! You are all welcome to come along for the ride it’s going to be life changing!  🙂


Me at GoPro & me having a chat with one of the locals…