Ok Laides, Listen up, its time we had a chat about a topic that none of us really enjoy… thats right, our periods, mensuration, monthlys, moon bleed etc,  you get my drift…

So lets talk about what we use? Have you ever heard of let alone used a menstral cup??? Well up until a few years ago, I definitely hadn’t… apparently they are very popular in Europe and have been gaining traction here and in the US in the last few years. I think we can thank the more enlightened, earth friendly & savvy ones among us for that. Times they are a changing ladies, so listen up!

Lets talk toxins, waste & cost! Did you know that most of those fresh smelling white disposable products you are sticking in or on your whoohar every month contain hundreds of nasty carcinogenic & endocrine disrupting chemicals!!! Thats right! (You’re endocrine system is your hormone regulating  system) We are putting all these nasties in our most delicate place, I think its time to change that! You could invest in the organic options, but they are still disposable, so lets talk waste…

Our poor environment is suffering from all of the rubbish we throw away that doesn’t break down easily (don’t even get me started on nappies). Now, we have everyone going more earth friendly, plastic bags have just been banned, there is a war on the straw & people are using their own coffee cups in cafe’s. So if rubbish is on your hit list, it’s time to look at some reusable options. The average woman will use around 300 pads or tampons per year!

Cost!! Tampons & padsare expensive!!! Did you know that on average we will have over 400 menstral cycles in our lifetime and spend on average $90 per year or $3330 in total on pads or tampons??? OH my! Your menstral cup will cost you around $55 and last you 7 – 10 years!!! Check out  this quick video with more of the BENIFITS

So, I will be the first to admit when I heard about these intriguing contraptions I thought ” OMG, I’m just not that hippie!!!” and I had done cloth nappies with both of my girls… one was still in them at the time. I did have a friend try to convince me to use washable pads a few years before, but I had drawn the line there – each to their own, I’m not here to judge, just share my experience. So I thought about it, I went away and did some research, I found testimonies from women using them, majority really positive & I thought”why not – what have I got to loose!”

So I purchased my first cup & I went with a JuJu, back then they only had 2 sizes, but now they have 4 to choose from, you can check them out HERE and learn how to choose the one thats right for you. It was relatively easy to insert, after a little bit of fiddling to get it sitting right & then it was comfy to wear all day. Now removal – that was a little trickier, but you soon get the hang of it. For those of you who have had children, the phrase ‘bear down’ will be familiar, remember that. 😉 As far as usage, I was really impressed, the cleanup was SO SO SO much cleaner than pads! And even tampons for that matter. Most of the time, I change mine out in the shower, so its really easy. It took me about 2 cycles to get the hang of it confidently.

So apart from the benefits listed above, I personally would add NO to very little period pains!!! And if that is still an issue for you, then we need to talk & you need to get some Clary Calm essential oil blend in your life! Less mess. As far as leaks, I think I’ve only had 2 in 5 years as I didn’t have it inserted correctly. Cost, well I spent $55, 5 years ago so I’m in front by a mile. Comfort – so comfortable and nothing hanging out to deal with, swimming and other sports are a breeze. Choice of underwear… no more period nickers ladies 😉 you know, we all have them 😉 Set & forget, up to 12 hours was the advice when I got mine. So easy & convenient when travelling, my JuJu has been most places around the world with me. (TIP; I also use when travelling to keep undies fresh on long haul flights.)

So, I get this might not be for everyone, but at the very least please look at it or at least switch to organic if you’re gone to stick with the disposables, we don’t need to be absorbing all those extra chemicals down there…. why, because I love you & want to here for a long time!

So there you go, I’ve just gone from prude, to blogging about periods…. talk about growth!

Chat soon

Alicen xxx