This morning after hoping on the scales and being thankful I have said goodbye to over 4.5kgs, I looked in the mirror and there it was!!! A couple of inches above my hips there was a distinctive indent…. yes a waistline!!!

Well with that I promptly did 10 bench pushups and decided that it was a day to get out the old active wear – got to look the part right! How lucky was I that my gorgeous 6 yr old snuck this pic when I wasn’t looking…. hehe well it cam be good to look back on right!

So things are plodding along, but I have been a bit of a grumpy cow at times, so I decided that with all the craft we have been doing in a close confined space on the school holidays, this mumma was going to need a little help with mood control… Out came my oils & I’m happy to say that this little mix, kept me nice for several hours 😉 Give it a go I say!!

Chat soon & I promise I will write something non diet related very soon, but at the moment it is consuming my life… well that and all the amazing & tormenting yummy food recipes that keep popping up on my FB feed when I’m trying to distract myself from eating…. super helpful as always FB, thanks for that 😉

Chat soon

Alicen xxx